Flow regime and head loss in a drip emitter equipped with a labyrinth channel


Labyrinth channels are widely adopted in emitter designs to regulate the water flow.The flow regime and the head loss of labyrinth channels have significant impacts on the hydraulic performance of emitters.In this study,the flow behavior of water passing through an emitter channel is observed using the micro particle image velocimetry(PIV),and the head loss during the flow is analyzed for an emitter with a triangular labyrinth channel.The results show that the flow regime is consistent with the classical theory of hydraulics governing straight channels,even when the cross-sectional area is very small(as small as 0.5 mm×0.5 mm).The critical Reynolds number from laminar to turbulent flows in a labyrinth channel is approximately in a range between 43 and 94.The local head loss factor decre... (共7页)

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